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Chinnor RFC U9’s training – 20.10.19

Chinnor RFC U9’s training – 20.10.19

By Richard Hinde-Smith
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Chinnor RFC U9’s training – 20.10.19

Weather: Overcast, approx 10 degrees

The unusual boundless enthusiasm was present during Sunday’s training session with the initial Changing Room discussion re-emphasising the RFU ‘TREDS’ code of rugby that underpins the spirit of the game at Chinnor RFC. An additional ‘A’ was introduced to our interpretation to represent ‘Active listening’ that we hope will remind the U9’s of the need to concentrate fully and listen to instructions at all times. Parents were also encouraged to shadow the progress of their child throughout the sessions, to support the coaches, and ensure the ‘A’ is being followed consistently - it was great to see this being taken on board.

Focusing specifically on the ‘T’, ‘E’ and ‘D’ of the TREADS code, the session was split between full-contact games and the Skill Zone:
Within each of the games we introduced the new NINJA WINGERS concept. There were 2 of these new positions per team with one NINJA playing on the left and the other NINJA on the right-hand side of the pitch only. As hoped, coaches saw this help combat the usual bunching of players around the ball and increase the width of each team when attacking and defending.
The Skill Zone focused on attacking positions, straight running and quick handling that all saw transferred directly into the games. Combining both the Skill Zone learning and the NINJA WINGERS produced some great game-time rugby that the U9’s can continue to be proud of. Tackling remains a prominent skill amongst the majority and shows a testament to their rugby commitment.

Training on 28th October will build on this learning and bring in player specific coaching and team defence.

As quick reminder to parents:
We are keen for the U9’s see TREADS as their go-to reference governing their attitude and behaviours. Coaches ask that parents reinforce each aspect of the code between Sunday training/game sessions and use specific examples to assist learning.

Also remember that the weather is becoming wintery and temperatures are dropping. U9’s bring the appropriate clothing to make sure they enjoy each game/session and as able to maintain their focus.

The U9 squad must always have a first aider present and we’re a little low on volunteers. Please can any willing parents step forward to help fill this necessary position.

RFU TREADS code of rugby:
T - Teamwork - We play selflessly: working for the team, not for ourselves alone, both on and off the field. We take pride in our team, rely on one another and understand that each player has a part to play. We speak out if our team or sport is threatened by inappropriate words or actions.

R - Respect - Mutual respect forms the basis of our sport. We hold in high esteem our sport, its values and traditions and earn the respect of others in the way we behave. We respect our match officials and accept their decisions. We respect opposition players and supporters. We value our coaches and those who run our clubs and treat clubhouses with consideration.

E - Enjoyment - We encourage players to enjoy training and playing. We use our sport to adopt a healthy lifestyle and build life skills. We safeguard our young players and help them have fun. We enjoy being part of a team and part of the rugby family.

A - Active Listening - for personal & team improvement.

D - Discipline - Strong discipline underpins our sport. We ensure that our sport is one of controlled physical endeavour and that we are honest and fair. We obey the laws of the game which ensure an inclusive and exciting global sport. We support our disciplinary system, which protects our sport and upholds its values. We observe the sport's laws and regulations and report serious breaches.

S - Sportsmanship - We uphold the rugby tradition

Marcus Dodd

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