Annual General Meeting Thursday 11 July 2019

Annual General Meeting Thursday 11 July 2019

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7th June
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To be held from 7pm in The Rectory Room at Chinnor RFC

In accordance with Article 33 of the Company’s Articles of Association, the Board of Directors calls an Annual General Meeting for the following purposes:

Meeting for the following purposes:

1. to receive the Club's accounts from the Board

2. to receive from the Board a report of the activities of the Club since the previous Annual General Meeting

3. to receive mandatory resignations from the Board from the Treasurer and President (both being eligible for re-election)

4. to receive nominations for the posts of Treasurer and President as Board members

5. to elect a Treasurer and a President to the Board of Directors of Chinnor Rugby Football Club Ltd in accordance with the Company’s Articles of Association

6. to transact such other business as may be brought before it as listed on the Agenda


1. Any member may submit a nomination for another member to be Treasurer or President. Such a nomination must be seconded by another member.

2. Members may only nominate or second one candidate for each post and the nomination must be advised to the Honorary Secretary not later than the 5th of July 2019

3. Any member may submit an item, in the form of a resolution to be considered for inclusion on the Agenda, to the Honorary Secretary by 5th of July 2019

4. The final Agenda will be issued on or around the 5th July 2019. Only items included on the Agenda can be considered at this Annual General Meeting.

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